What We Do

AMA provides expertise in two broad areas, optimization and geometry. There is a symbiotic relationship between geometry and optimization which occurs across a broad spectrum of applications. For example, the shape of a wing can be represented using geometric concepts and then optimization techniques can be used to define the best shape in a particular context.

Mathematically, our work falls into the following general areas:

- Optimal Control of Dynamic Systems Described by Differential Equations
- Optimal Parameter Estimation or Inverse Problems
- Constrained Optimization or Nonlinear Programming
- Computational Geometry and Data Fitting


Service Details

We provide personal consultation to help you formulate and solve your problem. We also license production software to facilitate the solution of your problem. Currently, offered software modules are:

- Constrained optimization for Nonlinear Programming (NLP) using a Sequential Quadratic Programming (SQP) Method
- Constrained optimization (NLP) using a Primal-Dual Interior Point (Barrier) Method
- Optimal Control using a Direct Transcription Method with Mesh Refinement
- Optimal Parameter Estimation, i.e. Inverse Problems, using a Direct Transcription Method
- Optimal Control of Delay Differential-Algebraic Systems

And soon to be offered

- Data fitting using Tensor Product B-splines.